How To Complete Leh Ladakh Bike Trip In 9 Days | Itinerary

Leh Ladakh bike trip is probably on number 1 on every adventure lover’s list, especially in India. This is one of the most thrilling bike rides in the entire World.  In the last few years, Ladakh has been receiving a huge tourist attraction and yes, it’s definitely worth it. If you are also looking to go on the most adventurous ride of your life but confused on how many days will it take to reach there then follow this guide on how to complete Leh Ladakh bike trip in 9 days.

Pangong Lake Leh Ladakh India

Leh Ladakh Bike Trip Route

Here is my complete Leh Ladakh 9 days itinerary.  This complete route starts from Chandigarh and returns back to it again in the end.

Short Itinerary

  • Day1. Chandigarh -> Pathankot -> Patnitop
  • Day2. Patnitop -> via Jawahar tunnel -> Srinagar -> Sonmarg
  • Day3. Sonmarg -> via Zojila pass -> Kargil -> Leh
  • Day4. Leh -> via Khardungla pass -> Hunder
  • Day5. Hunder -> Tangtse -> Pangong Tso
  • Day6. Pangong Tso -> via Changla pass -> Leh
  • Day7. Leh -> Sarchu -> Jispa
  • Day8. Jispa -> via Rohtang pass -> Manali
  • Day9. Manali -> Mandi -> Chandigarh

Chandigarh to Leh Ladakh by bike distance and back again – 2380 Km

Detailed Itinerary

This was my itinerary when I did this road trip to complete Leh Ladakh Bike Trip In 9 Days.

Day 1.  Enter Jammu & Kashmir State

The first day of this epic ride. Start early in the morning as you have to cover above 400 km this day. Most of the route will be plain and straight. Starting from Chandigarh, take the road heading to Rupnagar via Kurali. From there onwards,  head out on NH 103 A towards Hoshiarpur.

Your next stop would be Pathankot now. From Pathankot onwards, the view will be much better and the journey will become more exciting. You will enter Jammu and Kashmir state border once you cross the Ravi river.

Patnitop Jammu and Kashmir

Keep going on the way to Udhampur after which you will get the first experience of mountain roads till Patnitop. Stay for a night and maybe enjoy some star gazing while you are there.

Total distance- 448 km and approximate time- 12:15 hours.

Day 2. Make Your Way Through Jawahar Tunnel

This day you will be entering 2.85 Km long Jawahar Tunnel named after the first prime minister of India, Jawahar Lal Nehru. The tunnel is located in Banihal and heavily guarded by Military force.  Try to avoid taking pictures here.

You are going to see a lot of small Kashmiri villages which are just lovely to see. And the road conditions are also amazing here. I would definitely recommend you to take a detour to Srinagar city and visit Dal lake. Believe me, you will thanks me later.

Dal Lake Srinagar

After crossing Srinagar city, take a right turn towards Sonmarg. Enjoy the lusty green beauty while riding as this will be the last day you are going to see the green mountains. Stay in Sonmarg for the night.

Total distance – 278 Km and approximate time – 10:00 hours.

Day 3)  A Ride Through Scary Zojila Pass

Make sure to start riding early in the morning. And before you start, lube up the bike chain. Finally, you have started your journey to Leh city. This day is going to be a bit tough as compared to the previous ones.

Zojila Pass

Riders get to experience their first mountains pass crossing this day. The Zogi La pass at an elevation of 11575 ft. Its scary because of the Indian Army convoy passing back and forth. This makes the situation tough for riders as they hardly get enough space to drive. And road conditions were also not so great when I did this trip.

You will descend to ground Zero after crossing the pass, a perfect location to eat Maggi. This place got its name Ground Zero because the road and the mountains nearby are at the same level.  A sense of pride and patriotism will keep you motivated as you will be passing through Dras and Kargil. Make sure to visit and pay your tributes to Martyr in Kargil Wat at Kargil War Memorials.

Kargil War Memorial

The Last two attractions before reaching Leh are the  Magnetic Hill and Gurudwara Patthar Sahib which is maintained by our Indian Army itself. After these points, there is a plain and straight road to Leh which is just awesome. Spend the night in Leh and be ready to make permits the next morning for going forward on this journey.

Total distance – 350 km and approximate time- 11:00 hours.

Day 4. World’s Highest Motorable Road

If you feel that you have acclimatized in such high altitude, then surely this is the best way to go for your first day in Ladakh.  Fill your petrol tanks and cans as well because you are about to enter a whole new territory.

Leh To KhardungLa Pass road

Altitude will increase drastically while heading towards Khardungla pass after all this is the World’s highest pass accessible by road. You will have to submit the necessary permits at North Pullu in order to move ahead.

North Pulla Khardung La

The road cannot get any worse here. Ride at a constant pace and you will be fine. Upon reaching Khardungla, enjoy coffee and have some meal at the World’s highest cafe. Get some pictures clicked with the BRO’s World’s highest motorable road board.

KhardungLa Pass Leh Ladakh

Now you will be descending quite a bit. You will be able to watch Nubra valley at some point on your right side but don’t get distracted as the road is narrow. After a while, ride along the sides of Shyok river till Khalsar and take a left turn to head towards Diskit. You might be lucky to find a petrol pump here but don’t take any chances. Hunder is just 8 km from Diskit and you get to see the famous sand dunes while on this route. Stay here for the night and go for a Camel Safari.

Hunder Nubra Valley

Total distance – 130 km and approximate time – 06:00 hours

Day 5. Pangong Lake

Head on to the same route till Khalsar and move straight instead of taking the right turn which leads back to Khardung La. This route is kind of hidden so you won’t find as many riders as you did previously.

How to complete Leh Ladakh Bike trip in 9 days

Tangtse is the main destination for now. Till here you would have crossed some water crossings and some small villages like Shyok and Durbuk. At Tangtse, everyone is required to submit permits to the local authorities. Complete all the necessary documents verification and be nice.

Pangong Tso

From here on, riding experience is magical. The road is perfect and vast green meadows are scattered everywhere. Horses running and small water streams, a paradise for photographers. And if this is enough for pumping you up then wait till you reach the epic First view of Pangong Lake Milestone by BRO. Only 4 Km left now.

First view of Pangong Lake BRO

It doesn’t matter how many countries you have traveled to. You couldn’t compare any of those locations to Pangong Tso. Take your time here and just soak it in. There are tents and rooms available at about 8 km from there. Park your vehicles and take a walk beside the most beautiful lake.

Pangong Lake Leh Ladakh

Total Distance – 177 Km and approximate time – 06:30 hours.

Day 6. Mighty Changla Pass

It is time to go back to Leh city.  Try to start as early as possible in the morning so that you can also visit Shanti Stupa and Leh Palace in the evening only.

Changla Pass Leh

On the way to Leh, you will have to face the Mighty Changa Pass at an elevation of 17668 ft. To be honest, this was the most difficult route for me because it started snowing just when we were about to reach Changla. And not a normal snowfall, it was a storm. in the month of September. Have Maggie and Tea at world’s second highest cafe and start going towards Leh.

Changla Pass

After coming down from Changla, the road is quite decent and the views are still amazing. Once you reach Shey, Leh is not far from it. Put your bags in the hotel and roam around the local Leh market and explore the city.

Total distance – 160 km and approximate time – 07:30 hours.

Day 7. The route full of passes

This will feel like the longest day not because of distance, no. But because of extreme roads and going up and down due to so many passes on the way. However, the landscape will keep you motivated. Barren red mountains give the feeling of riding on a highway to hell. Again, make sure to fill your tanks and cans because there are no petrol pumps available till Manali.

Pang Ladakh

My favorite part about this whole journey was the road from Debring to Pang. This is a perfectly straight road passing among a valley of humongous mountains.  You will enter Himachal border at Sarchu, from where the greenery will be back again. Before Jispa, riders can take a snack break at Keylong.

These are the mountain pass which you need to cross to reach Jispa.

  • TaglangLa pass at 17480 ft.
  • LachungLa pass at 16598 ft.
  • NakeeLa pass at 15647 ft.
  • BaraLachaLa pass at 16040 ft.

Taglangla pass Lachungla pass Nakeela pass Baralachala pass

Total distance – 372 km and approximate time – 10:30 hours.

Day 8. Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass Manali

If you ask me, Rohtang pass is a bit overrated. Maybe I feel this way because of witnessing more deadlier passes before Rohtang. This pass is at an elevation of 13058 ft and is too commercialized. Couldn’t even find a place to park my bike here. Anyways, moving on.

Gulaba Manali

The path from Rohtang to Manali is so good. You can view the whole Manali from Gulaba. This view worth dying for. After reaching Manali, try to visit Hidimba temple and take a walk on Manali mall road.

Hidimba Temple Manali

Total distance – 155 Km and approximate time- 06:30 hours

Day 9. Mixed Emotions

Probably the weirdest day in this whole journey. Too many emotions. I couldn’t figure out if I was happy that I am going back and can share my experiences with everyone or I was sad that it ended so soon. Just ride through all those emotions till Chandigarh and be proud.

Total distance – 310 km and approximate time – 11:30 hours

Final Words

So, this was my complete Leh Ladakh Bike Trip Itinerary from Chandigarh for you guys. Keep in mind that I didn’t include an extra day for acclimatization. That totally depends upon your comfort level. Apart from that, I will definitely make a different post for Leh Ladakh bike trip cost and preparations.

Please let me know if I need to include anything else in this How To Complete Leh Ladakh Bike Trip In 9 Days Guide in the comments section below.

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