Top 10 tips for trekking : complete trekking guide


Chandrashila Tungnath trek

Chandrashila Tungnath trek

Are you not sure how to prepare yourself for a trek?

Here are my Top 10 tips for trekking which you can start implementing today only. Whether if it’s a short one day trek or a long 10 days trek, these tips can always come in handy. This trekking guide is for both beginners as well as intermediate level trekkers.

How to prepare for a trek

1: Stairs instead of a lift

Yes, this is on top of the list. You knew it was coming. It doesn’t matter if you are in the mall, office or your’s flat, always choose stairs instead of a lift because it will help you to slowly build endurance, therefore, making you ready in a long run.

If you are one of those individuals who has never taken stairs then I will be honest with you. Taking stairs sucks, You will run out of breath, your hamstrings will be burning, but do not give up. Believe me, this phase will pass eventually.

For some people, it may take two days, for some, it might take a week or even a month. Just keep going and in no matter of time, you will have legs of steel.

Also, check out my detailed guide and itinerary for Triund Trek.

2: Start running or jogging

Sounds exhausting, start by walking then. There is no need to rush or you might find yourself injured. Slowly increase the intensity. Have patience.

It can be done early in the morning, after lunch or dinner or even during office breaks. All you need is your willpower. Even if you are not preparing for a trek, just start jogging.

Start running or jogging at least a week before your trek, This will warm up your calves and will also help in increasing your stamina. Do not forget to stretch before and after your running sessions as it helps in preventing any possible injuries and also helps in relaxing those muscles.

3: Make your knees strong

Have you ever heard about hikers knee? Even I didn’t know until one day when I googled “how to make my knees strong for a trek”. To put simply, you feel immense pain in your knees at every step you take while descending. It is like your knees are being locked internally. This is because of too much pressure you are putting on your knees.

If you have a hiker knee like me, then stop extending your legs after every step. Try to search videos on YouTube on this topic after you are done reading this post and you will understand what I am trying to suggest.

Basically, try to keep your knees as springs instead of keeping them straight. Do not try to slow down or decrease your pace while coming down because this increases the pressure and weight on your knees. I would recommend you to walk in a zigzag pattern when going downhill because this will allow to control your pace and makes the whole process much more fun.

Leg extension is the best exercise to make knees strong. Include this exercise in your workouts and if you know any other method then please do let me know in the comments section.

4: Do your Homework

Do some research before starting your trek. For example,

  • Trek difficulty level
  • Trek total distance
  • Temperature and weather conditions
  • Camping sites or hotels
  • Routes and Itinerary

Got the idea!

Trekking shoes

Army boots

5: Invest in good trekking shoes

I know, this trekking hack doesn’t seem important but it is. Most of my treks which I have completed were wearing sports shoes only and it did hurt every time. Sometimes I even had to bear the pain for more than a week. Painkillers won’t relieve your pain.

If you do not want to spend so much then you can easily get army boots which are not costly as compared to other competitors like trekking shoes. Basically, you are looking for those shoes which have a thick sole. These shoes will also help in trekking on snow.

I remember I did Triund trek on snow-covered path wearing army boots. While everyone was busy trying not to slip and walking slower than a turtle, I was running around helping everyone, especially girls. Wink wink.

If you already have more treks in your mind then trekking shoes are definitely your best choice.

Check out my recommendations below.

6: Backpack

Is it just me or having a  backpack on shoulders actually helps on trekking especially while going upwards. Maybe it has something to do with posture needed while climbing.

Keep your backpack light, no unnecessary things needed. There can be a whole different blog on all the equipment and things that your backpack should include. Here’s few of them

  • First aid kit
  • Energy bars or chocolates
  • Water bottles
  • Power bank
  • Torch
  • Swiss knife

7: Start early

  • Start trekking early in the morning.
  • That way, you get extra time to do other activities as well.
  • My idea of starting early is to capture that epic sunrise in my digital SLR.
Hiking tips

Sunrise at Churdhar

8: Stay hydrated

  • Drink lots of water before, during and after completing your trek.
  • Water is the best source of energy.
  • Just basic science, trekking makes you sweat. water helps to maintain that balance.
  • Drink in small measurement or sips while you are walking.

9: Walk at your pace

  • Avoid running or jumping while coming down
  • Take rest whenever needed.
  • No need to hurry
  • Enjoy the view

10: Stay positive

  • U might feel like you are never going to arrive at your destination. Maybe it’s your friend who’s passing those negative thoughts on to you. Or simply, you just got tired.
  • Try to remember, view from the top will be far better.
  • That sense of accomplishment and pride cannot be compared to anything else which you will feel once you conquer that mountain.
  • And lastly, it’s not only about the destination, it’s about the journey.


If you think about it, all the trekking tips and tricks covered in this guide are also important in our day to day lifestyle.

All the other tips you can find on the Internet are just a waste of time if you lack willpower. That is what needed mostly. So good luck and keep walking.

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