Why Trekking is Awesome| Benefits and Learning from Trekking

Why go trekking


In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.

John Muir

I never imagined that I’d be the one writing an article on trekking is awesome. It is funny how things turn out in the end. I remember saying to myself that I am never going on any other trek like ever again while I was doing my first trek to Churdhar peak in Sirmour district Himachal Pradesh, India. I thought that the expedition was the biggest mistake of my life. But as soon as I reached the top,

It completely blew me away by not only the most beautiful view I have ever seen but also by this amazing feeling of conquering that mountain. I had never felt so good about myself. Pride, sense of accomplishment, endorphins, adrenaline and every other molecule and hormone of my body was at its peak. It made me realize how much I took myself for granted. I realized what I wanted with life. Trekking is not just a physically exhausting exercise, it’s a way of learning about yourself.

Life lessons learned from Trekking

Believe me, even a single trek can teach you many life lessons. Here are my lessons from trekking.

Life is unpredictable

Just like a trek, life is also challenging. It keeps you at the edge. Sometimes you will feel vulnerable, you will feel like giving up, you will feel like there’s no point. And just when you are about to quit, you’ll get a glimpse of orange skyline which makes you realize how beautiful your life is.

Short-term goals

Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination        – Drake

Make short-term goals instead of long-term goals. Achieving them would be much easier which will keep you happy. Life is too short to set a long-term goal. You might not be alive tomorrow.  So instead focus on today rather than saving everything for tomorrow.

Stop procrastinating

It’s you who has to walk, not the mountain. You are the one who has to work towards your goal, not anyone else.  If you don’t want to work then you can’t complain either.No one owes anything to you, you owe it to yourself.

Do not give up

Sometimes you will walk slowly, sometimes you will be running and there will be those times as well when you won’t be able to even catch your breath. Just remember, never give up. Take rest whenever needed and get up back again. You can have breaks anytime to enjoy the view and then start walking again. It’s not a marathon.

You are alone

We came into this world alone and we will exit the same way. Don’t get me wrong. There’s a huge difference between lonely and alone. Starting alone is a sign of significant strength. Never be dependent on any other person than yourself, not even your friends and family. Doing things yourself will eventually make you a strong person in a long run.

Experience vs Materials

Materialistic happiness is not a permanent solution. Sure it will you a temporary satisfaction. Whereas experiences will stay forever with you. These experiences are more than enough to live a happy life. Watch Fight club.  Tyler explained it very well.

Benefits of Trekking


Trekking is much more than an exercise, it’s a fun exercise. Although it is a physical exercise, it also helps in achieving a clear state of mind.

Let’s talk about the physical part first.it There are a lot of changes which your body undergoes while trekking. Your legs will be more strong as they are the ones doing all the heavy lifting. your stamina will increase. Trekking also helps in reducing blood pressure levels. Continuous long walks also help in relieving joints pain.

After a trek, you won’t feel any kind of difficulty while walking on a simple plane area in your city. Your process of breath inhaling and exhaling will get better. Getting so much of fresh air, you will have a new energy and a positive outlook towards life.

Stress reliever

There is a reason why Trekking industry has grown so much over the years. Google any trek and you will find so many websites providing packages and other facilities as well.

For some people, trekking is a weekend getaway, for some its a break from jobs and hectic work life and for some its a lifestyle. Everyone is looking to reduce stress levels and enjoy at the same time and trekking is a perfect choice. It helps you connect with nature and yourself.

I think trekking is a great outdoor sports activity. It helps in inducing positive thoughts into your mind by knocking out the negative ones. Just like working out or running, trekking being a physical exercise also helps in releasing feel-good hormones called endorphins. These hormones reduce stress in our body and leave a positive impact on our body and mind as well.

Different perspective

Hiking not only helps in achieving fitness goals but it also helps you to understand a new perspective towards life.

People usually don’t go out much, especially those working in 9-5 jobs. lot of them have never been even out of their city. They don’t even what kind of experiences and adventures they are missing out. Even a single trek can give you a different perspective.

You will realize how small your daily day to day problems are. It makes you realize that you are not the center of the world. In addition, one can learn about different cultures, religions and a whole lot of new exciting things. Apart from these benefits, you also get to meet new interesting people and adrenaline lovers.


All the travel influencers, landscape photographers, travel vloggers and photography enthusiasts know about this being one the most underrated benefits of hiking.

It doesn’t matter if it is a short two-day trek or a long 10 days trek, you can always find the stunning view and beautiful unique remote locations to capture in your smartphones and digital cameras.

Unlike other pics and selfies which you click, these trekking snaps will leave a long-lasting impression on someone and maybe even inspire them to lace up their boots. You and I are just a trek away from capturing the epic milky way shot which you might have seen on Instagram feeds.


You will definitely build a lifelong strong bond with your companion on the trek whether if they are your family members or your friends or your loved ones. Hiking also provides you the luxury to make new awesome friends on your solo quest or even when traveling in groups.

hemkund sahib

hemkund sahib

Holy journey

I am not so sure about other countries but here in India, these treks are often called as “Yatra” which simply means trekking to a holy pilgrimage. India offers many treks which lead to temples at unimaginable heights.

You will find many followers walking barefooted on these treks. Being from the state of Uttarakhand, The Land of Gods, I have seen many of these places. What can be better than such stunning natural beauty, physical fitness and walking on a holy path?


These were my picks to show you the importance of Trekking. If you are looking for a beginner trek and check out this Triund Trek Guide to get you started.

Pack your bags, tie your boots, take a bus, book a flight, start walking and see for yourself if trekking really works or not.

Good luck

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